Stevie J. Impresses Judge With Recent Sobriety
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Stevie J. Impresses Judge With Recent Sobriety

Stevie J. isn’t out of the hot seat yet when it comes to the alleged $1.2 million dollars that he owes in back child support, but the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is making an effort to sway the courts. And how is he doing that, exactly? Well, by showing the judge that he can follow orders and stay sober.

According to TMZ, the former Bad Boy records producer just proved that he’s been drug free for the last 7 weeks, which is a pretty big deal. You see, after Stevie J. was arrested for charges stemming from his unpaid child support, the star was given a drug test in June and tested positive for weed and cocaine.

As Stevie is currently free on bail, the “hitmaker” had to submit to random drug screenings and drug counseling or risk being thrown in the clink. Stevie’s lawyers told TMZ that the judge reviewed Stevie’s screenings and he’s clean.

In addition to impressing the judge, Stevie’s also getting tons of sympathy from his fans over the lawsuit by proving just how great of a dad he is with tons of photos showing the singer bonding with his kids.

Let’s hope that all of these developments on Stevie’s end help to prove that he owes nowhere near a 6-digit sum in back child support.

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Source: TMZ