Stevie J. on Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape: She Sold Her Soul For a Story Arc (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Stevie J. on Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape: She Sold Her Soul For a Story Arc (VIDEO)

As you know, the latest season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will closely follow the leak of Mimi Faust and Nikko’s sex tape and subsequent deal with Vivid Entertainment. Joseline Hernandez has made her feelings about Mimi’s sex tape publicly known (calling it “granny porn”), but what does Mimi’s baby daddy, Stevie J., have to say? Well guys, the former Bad Boy producer finally opened up about the situation, and it was not good.

While hanging at the Big Tigger Show on V103 in Atlanta, Stevie — with Joseline at his side — told fans that he thought Mimi made the sex tape in order to achieve the notoriety that he and his wife have and at the end of the day, Mimi should’ve known better.

“If you got to sell your soul to keep up with us that was the wrong thing to do,” Stevie said on air, “‘cause the devil is waiting for you with gasoline.”

Can you say, “Burn!?” And that wasn’t all. Stevie essentially refuted Mimi’s claims that the sex tape wouldn’t affect their daughter as children in his daughter’s class recognize him from the show!

“When I drop my daughter off to school, the kids are like ‘Hey I know you, you’re Stevie J!’” Stevie said. “I know they’re parents talking and kids are smarter than what we think they are.” Stevie said that he wouldn’t talk to his daughter, Eva, about her mother’s sex tape until she’s ready — which he hopes is years from now.

Joseline chimed in saying Mimi and Nikko are definitely trying to “keep up with the Jordans” as they were offered a sex tape deal by Vivid Entertainment during Season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But even then, she and Stevie knew not to go ahead with it.

“We’re not going to sell our souls to the devil for a story line,” Joseline said. “ It isn’t that deep.”

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Source: Big Tigger Show via YouTube