Stylist Cuts Out Little Girl’s Braids After Mom Fails to Pay For Service
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Stylist Cuts Out Little Girl’s Braids After Mom Fails to Pay For Service

In a case of “shear” revenge, a salon owner in Louisiana was so fed up with a client who wouldn’t pay for her daughter’s hair service, she turned to a tool of the trade: her scissors.

The website Madame Noire reports that hairstylist and salon owner Crystal Collins caused a social media uproar with the revenge photo she posted to Instagram (which have since been taken down), showing before and after shots of the girl’s braids, one with, the other without.

Crystal captioned the photo of the child with the statement: “One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played.”

While some commenters sided with the business owner, others found her actions completely unprofessional. When Crystal noticed the slew of negative comments rolling in, she decided to defend herself in further detail.

According to Crystal, she waited two hours for the mother and daughter to show up for the braiding appointment, only to have the mom drop the child off and promptly leave the salon. The mother later texted Crystal to say that she had a flat tire, asking if Crystal could drive the little girl home herself.

Still awaiting payment, Crystal agreed, only to find out that the home she’d been directed to was actually the girl’s grandmother’s residence. After repeatedly being told she would get paid later and still no signs of the mother or money, Crystal feared she was being planned. She then took matters into her own hands and cut out all of the little girl’s braids.

She explained, “I cut the braids out and went on about my business. At the end of the day, I spent 9 hours away from my kids for nothing. Y’all wasn’t in my shoes or in my position. I have to take care of my three babies and I will do what I have to do…”

Do think Crystal did the right thing, or did she take things a snip to far?

Source: Madame Noire

06.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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