Sue and Sarah Palin Are Besties! Top Sue Sylvester Moments from Glee Season 3, Episode 9

Is there a character on Glee who better embodies the phrase "love to hate" than Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester? It can be tough to keep track of all her antics in any given episode. To that end, we’ve compiled our top three most jaw-dropping Sue moments from Season 3, Episode 9: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas.” Delicious eeeeeeviiiil!

Sue and Sarah Palin Are Besties! Top Sue Sylvester Moments from Glee Season 3, Episode 9
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3. Sue has a weird way of showing her Christmas spirit
If you thought that Sue inviting New Directions to sing at the shelter was a sign that she’s on board with everyone who performs music in public, think again. Right after New Directions arrives, Sue slams that poor, piano-playing janitor for only knowing “Jingle Bells.” (Actually, Sue may have a point: Having to listen to “Jingle Bells” on loop does seem like an extreme form of torture.)

2. She asks the glee club... to sing! Say what?!
Is it just us, or did Sue not only seem to tolerate New Directions’ singing but actually enjoy it? Now this isn’t the first time Sue has commissioned a New Directions performance (see: Season 2’s “Funeral”), so we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves, but it does make us wonder if Sue’s angriest days are (finally) behind her. That said, we still wouldn’t want to be around Sue while she and her BFF Sarah Palin are holding loaded shotguns.

1. Queen of Nicknames dubs Blaine
We haven’t heard many Schue-hair jokes from Sue lately, so we were starting to wonder if Sue’s talent for condescending nicknames was starting to slip. Have no fear, as she was full of new gems this week, including not one but two for Blaine — “Other Gay” and “Young Burt Reynolds” — along with “Bee Sting” for Sam. Frankly, if we were Sam, we’d have to consider “Bee Sting” to be a (slight) step up from “Trouty Mouth,” right?

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