Sue Mad! Sue Smash! Sue’s Best Moments From Glee Season 3, Episode 1


Sue Mad! Sue Smash! Sue’s Best Moments From Glee Season 3, Episode 1

Is there a character on Glee who better embodies the phrase "love to hate" than Sue Sylvester? In any given episode, it can be tough to keep track of all her antics. To that end, we’ve compiled our top three most jaw-dropping Sue moments from “The Purple Piano Project.” Sure, they may be pure evil, but they're pretty fun to watch, too! Admit it.

3. Sue forces Santana and Becky to share the limelight. (Yeah, like that will work.)
Looks like Sue believes that two evil heads are better than one. She names Becky and Santana as Cheerio co-captains, which neither of them are happy about. And then Sue instructs the two of them to be brutal to prospective Cheerios at the auditions. In other words, Sue would probably even consider Simon Cowell to be a softie (although she would undoubtedly use a harsher word than that!).

2. Sue hates pianos. (Don’t tell Billy Joel.)
To be honest, Sue was so opposed to musical instruments in this episode that we were sort of expecting her to ban eating utensils from the cafeteria, just to make sure that no one started playing the spoons. First, we see her cut up a piano that Tina and Mike are playing; then, the Cheerios and Quinn are involved in torching a different piano. Maybe it was a simple misunderstanding, and Sue just misinterpreted the lyrics to the song “Great Balls of Fire”?

1. Sue finds her passion: Destroying other people’s passions.
Her political career was going about as well as her career last season as a glee club coach, so she took drastic measures and announced her plans to cut all funding to the arts. This brought out a new strength in Will that we like seeing; we just wish his “glitter bomb” idea had been a bit more thought-out. (And where did he get that much glitter? Is David Bowie now working as a substitute teacher or something?)

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