Britney Spears

Britney Spears Sued For Allegedly Breaking Dancer’s Nose (VIDEO)

Beaten up by Britney? That’s what one dancer claims in a new lawsuit sent Britney Spears’ way. The dancer, identified by E! News as Dawn Noel, claims the pop princess hit her full in the face and broke her nose. While an accident, Noel demands Brit’s camp pays for the medical bills.

It all happened during the filming of “Work Bitch,” Britney’s leather-heavy music video. Honestly, watching that ode to power and whips, we have to say so many worse on-set injuries could have gone down. Falling into that pool of sharks? Now that would have left a mark.

Noel was doing what backup dancers do best dancing in the background when Britney “twirled in an unbalanced and reckless manners, arms extended out to her sides and forcefully backhanded” Noel right in the kisser. Reckless twirling? It’s our new favorite legal term.

A “cracking sound” was heard by the troupe and Noel headed to the hospital. She claims Britney’s reps and Reign Deer Entertainment company promised her bills related to the incident would be paid but Noel says payment is yet to come forth. And voilà, a lawsuit hits Brit in the face.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t oops and do it again.

Source: E! News