Mama June Says We’ll See Sugar Bear’s Abusive Side on ‘From Not to Hot’ Reunion
Mama June and Sugar Bear
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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Mama June Says We’ll See Sugar Bear’s Abusive Side on ‘From Not to Hot’ Reunion


Sounds like we’re in for a doozy of a From Not to Hot reunion special.

This week, Mama June Shannon and Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson have been duking it out in the press over whether or not he was abusive to their children. And according to the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch, we’ll see evidence of this on Friday’s episode.

For the second time in a couple of days, June accused her ex of being “emotionally and physically” abusive to daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” and step-daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin.”

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“There was a lot of stuff that was hid for many many years,” she claims on the Wendy Williams Show.

“Pumpkin's eye was his fault. The car wreck. Several things that happened on Honey Boo Boo that was covered up,” she continues.

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For those still unsure what to believe, the newly thin mom emphasizes how Friday’s ep will change things for a lot of people — just as it did for Sugar Bear’s new wife, Jennifer Lamb.

June maintains Jennifer, who married Mike in January, had “never seen that side” of him before the taping.

“This episode is going to show just a little piece of our life,” she starts.

She continues, “It's going to open up a lot of people's eyes to know that 'Hey, June wasn't lying. This episode is going to bring a lot of stuff out in the open.”

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Meanwhile, Alana’s father is standing by his denial and says this all has to do with jealousy on June’s part.

“June is saying these things because she's pissed at me,” he tells “I never hurt any kid."

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He also says his ex “won't let me see or talk to Alana,” and he has the text messages to prove it.

“I have text messages where I text June and try to talk to Alana, but no response back from her," he adds.

Alana and Mike Thompson
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“The last time I saw Alana was at mine and Jennifer's wedding. I've tried to stay in touch with my daughter but June won't let me."

He concludes, "June's a damn liar. I would never hurt Alana in any way."

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