Sugar Ray Leonard Eliminated: Lights Out For the Sugar Plum Fairy! DWTS Season 12, Week 4
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Dancing With The Stars

Sugar Ray Leonard Eliminated: Lights Out For the Sugar Plum Fairy! DWTS Season 12, Week 4

So he wore those Smurf tights for nothing? Harsh!

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya had the second lowest judges' scores after Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Classical Week. He became the Sugar Plum Fairy in a Viennese Waltz that had everyone smiling, but it wasn't enough. You could argue (and you should!) that Kendra Wilkinson should've been the one to go home since she did have the lowest scores and an unpleasant attitude about her dance. Even her partner, Louis van Amstel, was disappointed with her comments. But this is when those million-plus Twitter followers come in handy.

It came down to Sugar Ray & Anna vs. Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas, and by that time it was pretty obvious — the boxer was knocked out.

Read on for a full recap of the Week 4 Results Show:

David Garrett is back: Before Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke even showed themselves (Brooke looks good in that purple dress!), sexy violinist David Garrett returned to perform his rock violin version of “Walk This Way,” accompanied by the new DWTS Dance Troupe. Want to know more about Mr. Garrett? Check him out here.

Encore dance: Awkward! Right after Chelsea & Mark were announced as “in jeopardy” — despite having the highest scores of the night — Len Goodman said the judges chose their Harry Potter Viennese Waltz as the encore dance. It was just as magical the second time, but why couldn’t Tom have waited until after the encore dance to tell them they were still in trouble? And do we believe that Chelsea & Mark were really in the bottom three, or is this just one of those moves for dramatic effect?

Lieutenant Len? Next week, in honor of Patriots’ Day, the contestants will be dancing to beloved songs about America. There’s a weird video package with (British) Len as a lieutenant, yelling at the celeb recruits and giving them tips on how to do “battle” on the dance floor.

Jennifer Hudson performs: Violet seems to be the color of the night. J.Hud looks great in her very short, very shiny, sleeveless bluish-purple dress. She starts singing “Don’t Look Down” from the audience, which is rare, and continues to sing in the middle of the dance floor before making room for DWTS pros Louis van Amstel and Karina Smirnoff. As @LouisVanAmstel tweeted of the dance, “Don't know if all of you know this, but @Karina_Smirnoff and I were partners years ago before all this DWTS business. Love the connection!” We also recently read that Louis was Dmitry Chaplin’s dancing coach for a while. Is Louis the DWTS Kevin Bacon? Anyway, J.Hud also belts out “Feeling Good,” and she sounds amazing. Four pro dancers (but not from this season of DWTS) accompany her.

How the pros choreograph routines: There’s a video package about how hard it is for the pro choreographers to come up with new routines for the same dances they’ve done season after season. That’s the tough balance — how do you reinvent the wheel without getting in trouble with old farts like Len? Random side note: Kym Johnson and Hines Ward would make a cute couple off the dance floor, too. Are they dating? Can we start this rumor right here and now?

Ballet dancers: In the season’s first “Macy's Stars of Dance” performance, three legendary ballet dancers perform a specially choreographed routine from “Swan Lake.” The performers are sisters Lorena and Lorna Feijoo and Jose Manuel Carreno. Bruno Tonioli should be out there doing his “Black Swan” routine to show Kendra what he wanted from her.

Who is going home? At the end of the night, Chelsea & Mark, Petra & Dmitry and Sugar Ray & Anna were declared “in jeopardy.” The next couple named safe was Petra & Dmitry. Sugar Ray & Anna were eliminated. Rats!

Ray’s final words: He had his best night last night. He told Brooke “that’s life” and “I put up a good fight.” He said he made great friends with some great people on a great show. Last night he said “I love this show” and he was declared the heart of the season. (True!) He said he’ll cherish this moment. Classy guy! Kendra, it should’ve been you...