Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Spoilers: Marlene King Is Working on the Outline!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Spoilers: Marlene King Is Working on the Outline!

While we’re still reeling from revelations made in the Season 4 premiere, the Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be are hard at work creating jaw-dropping moments for the Season 4 summer finale. Showrunner Marlene King tweets us along the writing process, and gives us a glimpse at what we can expect from Season 4, Episode 12.

“Meeting up w @BryanHoldman today to blend our outline pages,” Marlene tweeted last Thursday. “Excited to see what we've masterminded. It is a finale after all. BIG & BOLD!”

Indeed, the summer finale is always a big one for PLL. In Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer,” for instance, we learned that Toby was working for the “A” Team. It will be hard to top that reveal, but if anyone can do it, it is Marlene&Co, especially if their rate of productivity is anything to go by. By the next day, Marlene and Bryan had finished the outline: “The outline for 412 is complete. Now it's time to write FADE IN: on the script,” Marlene tweeted last Friday.

Marlene didn’t waste anytime getting started on penning the script either. She sent out this tweet on Saturday: “I'm writing the summer finale today. Tweet me ur fun plans so I can live vicariously thru u!” No deets yet on what epicness the summer finale might include, but with Marlene on the job, we have high hopes for yet another crazily awesome episode that will keep us dying for more PLL as we anxiously await the Season 4 Halloween special.

Any early predictions on what big reveals might occur in the summer finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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