Meet 16 and Pregnant’s Newest (Rumored) Starlet, Summer Rewis
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16 and Pregnant

Meet 16 and Pregnant’s Newest (Rumored) Starlet, Summer Rewis

16 and Pregnant's rumored fifth season is just around the corner, and the backwoods starlets of the show are finally coming out of … well, the backwoods. The Ashley's Reality Roundup has been keeping tabs on the season's soon-to-be famous faces, and the latest lady with a baby? That would be Summer Rewis, a high school junior from Reidsville, Georgia, who (according to The Ashley) is currently filming 16 and Pregnant.

Summer comes from a big family, and gave birth to her son, Peyton Daniel, at the end of October 2013. This kiddo weighed an average 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and was born unexpectedly early — much to his parents surprise! Unfortunately, Summer had to drop out of high school due to her pregnancy, but we have every reason to believe that she'll graduate in 2015 thanks to the continued support of her family and her baby daddy, DJ.

Summer and DJ have been together for over three years, and yep — they're newlyweds! These two tied the knot a few months before they welcomed Peyton into the world, and then honeymooned in St. Simon, an island near Georgia. No word yet as to whether MTV filmed their wedding, but a crew was definitely present for Summer's October baby shower!

In other news, The Ashley reports that DJ has had a troubled past, but is now 100 percent committed to being an amazing father to Lil' Peyton.

“I can say that no matter what happens I am going to love Summer and our baby unconditionally and I am going to do whatever it takes to take care of them both!" DJ posted to Facebook. "And yes Summer is going to go to school and I am in college as well with straight A’s and I am also looking for a job. This is going to be hard on us, I know, but with God we can make it through anything! A lot of people are disappointed in us and I completely understand, but I see it as a blessing from God. I know we’re young, but I am not going to be a deadbeat and run away from this.”

MTV has yet to confirm Summer's participation on 16 and Pregnant, but we can't wait to see her face on the small screen if she makes the final cut!

Source: The Ashley's Reality Roundup

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