‘Voice’ Winner Sundance Head Wants an Unexpected Collaboration — Exclusive
The Voice – Season 11
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The Voice

‘Voice’ Winner Sundance Head Wants an Unexpected Collaboration — Exclusive


Sundance Head has won The Voice Season 11 and now he’s planning musical domination with an upcoming studio album.

The NBC singing champ revealed to Wetpaint in an exclusive interview he would love to collaborate with one unexpected Voice judge — and it’s not coach Blake Shelton.

“I think it would be cool to do a song with Miley Cyrus,” the 37-year-old tells us. “I really love her voice.”

The father of three is so passionate about Miley’s talent, he has some powerful predications about her career.

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“If she decided today that she was going to go back to country music, Nashville would take her back in a heartbeat,” the “Darlin’ Don’t Go” crooner declares.

“Don’t let anybody tell you they wouldn’t do that.”

Sundance would also like to get in the studio with another spunky blonde Voice judge.

The country soul singer is ready to work with pal Blake’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

“Yeah, that would be fantastic! That would be great. I love her,” he gushes. “She’s definitely turned out to be more than just a ska singer.”

Sundance clearly has a tons of admiration for his show’s talent, but do the judges feel the same way about each other?

When asked about the rampant behind-the-scenes feud rumors, the country crooner says, “No, no, there was never anything like that that I know of.”

“Even since the very beginning I’ve never had a problem with anybody. I’ve never witnessed anyone having any kind of problem with anybody.”  

It’s sounds like the musician is bringing that no-drama attitude to his upcoming meeting with label Universal Music, which has famously failed to turn a Voice winner into a bonafide hitmaker.

“I’m just really thankful and honored Blake has that passion in another artist,” he says of his mentor’s recent demand to make Sundance a star.

“I don’t know what is going on with the past winners.”

But that’s not stopping him from starting off from a hopeful point with Universal.

The Voice – Season 11
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“I’ve already started writing the songs,” he confirms, admitting he hasn’t spoken to anyone from the label yet.

“I pretty much know musically and sonically what I want to do. I’m ready to jump in at any time. We could start right now.”