Juan Pablo Galavis Has a Super Embarrassing Moment — Get the Details Here!
Credit: Juan Pablo on Instagram    
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Has a Super Embarrassing Moment — Get the Details Here!

We’re gonna be generous and chalk this one up to the language barrier — Juan Pablo Galavis had a very awkward run-in this week, thanks to his inability to read signs. Namely, the sign that told him he was about to enter the women’s bathroom instead of the men’s! Eek! Ees not OK.

El Bachelor tweeted the gaffe with “That AKWARD[sic] moment in Tampa Bay Rays Stadium when you ENTER the WOMANS restroom and you DON'T see the PEE toilets.” Pee toilets, Juan? Thinkin’ you meant urinals.

Anyway, the situation is funny, but no big deal, right? We’ve all “accidentally” wandered into the opposite gender’s restroom, realized our mistake, and immediately high-tailed it out before. What makes this tale different is that JPG didn’t realize his mistake until he was in a stall and had already, ahem, unzipped.

He followed his initial admission of being words-challenged with a second tweet that implicated him further. “The FUNNY part was LOOKING at the purple TOES on the toilet NEXT to mine…” he wrote. Ay yi yi! We wonder if the foot attached to those toes tapped… and then asked for an autograph.

Well, at least Juan can laugh at himself. Thanks for sharing?

If you were JPG would you have shared this moment on Twitter or kept it yourself? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter

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