Super Fun Night Star Lauren Ash Talks Molly Shannon, Her Obsession With The X-Files — Exclusive
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Super Fun Night Star Lauren Ash Talks Molly Shannon, Her Obsession With The X-Files — Exclusive

Gal pals, shenanigans, and over-the-top comedy ensue every Wednesday night on ABC’s freshman sitcom Super Fun Night. And while Kimmie Boubier (played by Rebel Wilson) is leading her pack of single ladies into Friday night fundom, she’s not the only funny girl in the mix.

Lauren Ash plays Kimmie’s bestie Marika — with Liza Lapira rounding out the trio as Helen-Alice — and in an exclusive chat with Wetpaint Entertainment, the Lauren dished about her biggest fangirl moments, what’s next for her on the series, and her not-so-secret TV obsessions.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Your character met her idol, Myrna, Princess Warrior, during this week’s episode. Which characters/franchises do you fan-girl over?

Lauren Ash: Oh my gosh, how much time do you have? Coming up this week, the "Love Lioness" episode, our guest star is Molly Shannon and she is such a huge inspiration to me, and I loved her so much on Saturday Night Live.

I tried to keep it together when we were on-set together, but I was totally nerding out because she’s so funny and she was so lovely. She was such a huge influence on me when I was in my formative years of comedy and watching TV.

Other than her, I do have to say that it’s probably best I never meet David Duchovny because I think I would probably cry or throw up on him.

What crazy shenanigans can we expect from your character in the upcoming episodes?

In the next episode, we try to take this love seminar to help us meet men. Kimmie gets immediately inspired and says she wants to try out these tactics at a hotel bar. Craziness ensues, as it always does, but there’s also some really lovely, real moments of heart in this episode that I think people will like.

What about the guys in your building, is there any love interest there?

Helen-Alice is still very interested in Benji (Paul Rust), so we’ll have to see where that goes. That’s definitely been alluded to. They’re both so shy, and Helen-Alice is so shy that I feel like it’s going to take a lot for her to open herself up to making a move or to reciprocating a move, so it’s going to take some time for them to blossom.

Who’s the most fun person on set and why?

Do I say me? No. You know who I think is the craziest? I think the actual craziest is Kevin Bishop, whom I love so much. He has so much energy and he’s really good at impressions. He’s constantly doing voices and singing songs in character voices and he makes me cry I laugh so hard. His impressions are so spot-on, and he’s always making us laugh between takes.

What are your must-watch shows right now? Besides Super Fun Night, of course!

Scandal — hello! I am stupidly obsessed with Scandal. It’s great! I love so many shows. I love The Mindy Project so much. I also have rewatched The X-Files. It took forever. Everytime my mom and I got together for a few good years, we would chip away at it. I actually think it took us five or six years, but we made it through again. Let me tell you, it holds up. This is why it’s best that I never cross paths with Duchovny. It would be bad. It would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

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Super Fun Night airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. Don’t miss it!

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