Super Spoiler Roundup: The Finale and Season 4!
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Super Spoiler Roundup: The Finale and Season 4!

Can you believe that Season 3 of Secret Life is almost dunzo? Thank goodness Season 4 kicks into gear right away — we couldn’t handle it if we had to wait three months to see Ricky’s dimples again!

If you want a sneak peak at this week’s brand new spoilers, check out our super spoiler roundup!

Amy shows up at Ricky’s pad with an overnight bag, presumably all geared up for a sexy sleepover. Just don’t get too excited, because in Season 4 she decides to “change some things.” Uh oh. Does that mean the sex was bad? Impossible!

Meanwhile, Kathleen's hubby Jeff is back from his trip to Africa, but does she even like him anymore? They seemed so cute and in love during the first half of Season 3, but last week she revealed to George that marriage no. 3 was a huge mistake! Will she confront her hunky husband when he gets home?

Despite dealing with a devastating tragedy, Ben and Adrian try to stay together after the death of their baby. These two might be an odd couple, but when it comes to hooking up, they’re a match made in sexy heaven! They continue to get down and dirty after their child’s death, but will hot sex be enough to save their relationship?

On a lighter note: How much do you love Leo’s smokin’ assistant Camille? Well, don’t get too attached, ‘cause next season Camille is totally Audi 500! Leo needs someone to fill in for Camille stat (after all, counting sausage money is complicated stuff), so he temporarily hires Bunny. Too bad she totally sucks, causing Leo to become super stressed. How much more can one Sausage King take?

In other news, Secret Life is about to get totally baller! Ever since Francia Raisa tweeted that Bow Wow wanted to hit up Secret Life we’ve been crossing out fingers for a guest appearance! In Season 4, Episode 11, Bow Wizzle guest stars as Dante, a mysterious stud who makes Adrian’s life even more interesting.

Meanwhile, Amy decides that wants to shack up with the Rickster once and for all. Finally! We can’t wait for these two to play house with Baby John, but will living together cause even more stress in their relationship?

Super Spoiler Roundup: The Finale and Season 4!
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

Things get complicated when Ricky’s ex-sex buddy Karlee comes back into the picture. Who knows what drama goes down, but it’s salacious enough for Kaitlyn O'Malley to get involved. She and Karlee have a mysterious phone convo, hopefully in which Kaitlyn tells Karlee to stop preying on teenagers.

Now onto the (maybe) bad news! We already know that Ricky and Amy take John to the ER next season, but we’re dying to know what’s wrong with the little dude! There’s definitely something up with this baber — he never speaks and he’s freakishly well-behaved. So, what’s wrong with Ramy’s adorbz spawn? Your guess is as good as ours, but we do know this: Ricky and Amy are “very surprised” about what the doctors have to say.

Looks like we’re gearing up for a great season, Secret Lifers. We’ll have even more spoilers next week!

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