Superman Henry Cavill Was Bullied at School: \
Superman Henry Cavill Was Bullied at School: “I Was ‘Fat Cavill'”
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Superman Henry Cavill Was Bullied at School: “I Was ‘Fat Cavill'”


Henry Cavill, 30, played Charles Brandon on Showtime’s The Tudors and he’s the new Superman in the upcoming movie Man of Steel. He couldn't be hotter if it was his job, and it kind of is his job. But in a new interview with Details, the British actor talked about the childhood nickname he got for his weight, and admitted he would cry to his mother because he was so lonely at school.

The conversation started when Henry went with the interviewer to a restaurant called FishBar. "If you're looking for healthy, the mahimahi is good with the spinach and the steamed broccoli," Henry said. "But I keep wanting to get the fish and chips." That's when he shared his old nickname. "I was fat," he says. "I was 'Fat Cavill.'"

He shared more about his boarding school life. "I bawled on the phone to my mom four times a day. I became an easy target." But being "Fat Cavill" may have helped him in this new role. "My version of Superman," Henry said, "is essentially of a guy who has spent his whole life alone."

Henry said he overcame loneliness, and lost weight, through acting. After joining several school plays, he decided to focus his studies on drama — despite his stockbroker father wanting him to get "a proper degree first." According to the Details story, casting agents showed up on campus looking for teens with the right elocution to join the movie adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, and 17-year-old Henry got a part. His father approved and, as a bonus, the role helped Henry lose weight. "I lost one and a half stone" (21 pounds) "and I wasn't Fat Cavill anymore." The kicker? After sharing the story, he arched his eyebrow and decided on his menu choice: "I'm going for the fish and chips."

So you can start with a few extra points, get picked on, grow stronger from it, find what you’re good at, get yourself in shape, become a superhero, and still eat fattening food every now and then. Check out his full interview here. Go, Superman, go!

Source: Details