Kim Kardashian Supports Kanye West at Bonnaroo in Skimpy Outfit (PHOTO)
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Supports Kanye West at Bonnaroo in Skimpy Outfit (PHOTO)

Music fans at the 2014 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, this weekend got treated to an appearance by not one but two of our favorite celebs. Indeed, Kanye West was performing as the event's Friday night headliner, and new wife Kim Kardashian was there backstage to cheer him on.

On June 13, Kim posted a photo of herself in front of thousands of Kanye's fans as they anxiously await the rapper's performance. Judging by Kim's caption, she is clearly a proud wife: "Oh hey 100,000 people! #Bonnaroo."

So sweet! We love that Kim and Kanye are supportive of each other. Plus, Bonnaroo is infamous for its hot weather, so we definitely respect that Kim was willing to endure the tough climate in order to cheer on her man.

Later that night, Kim posted a pic of herself with Kanye, and Kanye has a gigantic smile on his face. "#YASSSSSS just rocked Bonnaroo," Kim captions that one.

TMZ reports that, during Kanye's set, he spoke to the crowd about how he wants to be remembered as a beloved icon, like Walt Disney and William Shakespeare. Time will tell if he gets his wish, but we're guessing that, if you ask the people at Bonnaroo this weekend, they would say that it's the happiest place on earth.

Are you surprised that Kim attended Kanye's Bonnaroo show?

Source: Kim on Instagram