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The Vampire Diaries

You’ll Never Guess Who Was Supposed to Play Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries! (PHOTO)

Now that we've reached the halfway mark for ;Season 6 ;of The Vampire Diaries, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Elena Gilbert (as well as our pals ;Katherine Pierce ;and Amara) better than Nina Dobrev. The Bulgarian-born brunette bombshell has really come into her own in the leading role, and she's been a total scene-stealer this season! (Hey, playing three doppelgangers is not easy.)

Did we mention she's one-third of the greatest love triangle in TV history? Yeah, Nina is pretty remarkable — even if she won't take a side in the ;Delena ;vs. ;Stelena ;debate. ;

So it might be shocking to know Nina wasn't actually the CW's first pick to play Elena Gilbert. (Say what?!) So who was actually supposed to play the role of Elena? You’re never going to guess that it was…

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