Surrogate Mother Keeps Twins When Biological Parents Abandon the Babies In Utero
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Surrogate Mother Keeps Twins When Biological Parents Abandon the Babies In Utero

A surrogate mother makes the ultimate sacrifice for another couple by gifting her body to nurture and grow their baby. Sure, these women get paid, but they are putting their own health at risk to be able to make someone else’s dreams of having children come true. Susan Ring went above and beyond when the couple whose twins she was carrying decided to divorce and no longer wanted the babies. The California woman, who has been a gestational carrier for 11 years and eight babies (one of whom was this couple’s first son), took the babies home with her.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Susan, who was already a parent to her own biological children, said there was no reason for concern because of the positive experience the first time around.

"First time around actually was really really good. I had a little boy for the same couple," the surrogate mother explained to host Nancy Redd. "So there was no reason to think that anything could go wrong, because the first time was so brilliantly wonderful."

The whole situation was bungled by the agency as well, as they didn’t get the funds up front. Instead, they allowed for progress payments so, once the couple decided not to carry through with the contract, there was no money for taking care of the babies once they were born.

"They didn't have the funds up front — big, huge mistake. Nothing to help the babies, nothing to take care of the babies, nothing to buy supplies,” Susan explained.

The couple didn’t even have the nerve to tell Susan, and instead, the agency came to her house to tell her the news. Susan was 14 weeks along at that point, and urged the parents to reconsider.

“I tried to work it through the whole thing, and kept trying to tell them 'my gosh, you've got to keep the babies. These are your babies — they are genetically linked to your son.'"

Three months after the twins were born, Susan went to court, but couldn’t bear to turn the babies over to social services.

"I couldn't do it, just every fiber of my being said, 'no way, I'm taking them home,’” Susan said.

In doing so, she made history, having become the first gestational surrogate mother in California to become the legal parents to children who were not biologically hers.

We commend this woman for her brave and compassionate act, and we wish her family nothing but the best. What an inspiration.

Source: Huffington Post

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