After Five Failed IVF Cycles, a Friend Gives Birth to Couple’s Twins
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After Five Failed IVF Cycles, a Friend Gives Birth to Couple’s Twins

West Virginia couple Andrea and Mark Rivas recently gave Sandi and Philip Palmisano the best gift of all, and it came in the shape of two bundles of joy. Just this past February, Andrea was able to carry Sandi’s twins to term, ending years of infertility.

According to TODAY, the two couples became friends when they bonded over their shared frustration in trying to conceive. They met while undergoing treatment at Shady Grove Fertility Center near Washington, D.C. and actually first connected via the center’s Facebook page.

Andrea successfully gave birth to twins two years ago, as the Palmisano’s continued to struggle to conceive. After their fourth IVF cycle failed to produce results, Andrea reached out, offering herself as a surrogate. She told TODAY, “We knew we’d be life-long friends no matter what the outcome.”

After just one failed IVF cycle, Andrea became pregnant with the couple’s twins. She carried the twins right up until the birth of EmmaLee and Grayson, who were born without complications one minute apart. Sandi was also right by Andrea’s side for the entire delivery, while the dads stayed in the waiting room.

She got to be there when we heard them cry for the first time," Andrea said. "I wouldn't have had it any other way than to have her with me."

The couples told TODAY that they remain best friends and see each other every week or so. About Andrea, Sandi said, “She's been a great teacher on how to raise twins and care for them.”

Busy caring for their newborns, the Palmisano’s don’t get much sleep these days, but they’re really happy their dreams finally came true. "We couldn't believe it was happening after so long. It was just amazing."

Would you offer to be a surrogate for a friend who couldn’t conceive? Tell us below!

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