Survivor Spoilers: Blood vs Water Episode 2 — First Redemption Island Boot Is…


Survivor Spoilers: Blood vs Water Episode 2 — First Redemption Island Boot Is…

Survivor spoilers ahead! They may or may not pan out, we'll find out soon...

UPDATE: Yep, the first boot spoiler was accurate!

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RIP, tie-dyed shirt?

On the Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiere, Rupert Boneham took his wife Laura's place at Redemption Island, to save her from having to fight for her life. Even though it ticked off his tribe of veterans — and left his wife in the awkward position of trying to bond with them when they didn’t want her — Rupert did what was best for Rupert The Brand, and that involves being the heroic husband.

As we enter Wednesday, September 25's Episode 2, "Rule in Chaos," Rupert is at Redemption Island with the bitter and irritated Candice Cody and the even more (justifiably) bitter Marissa Peterson. Candice is mad about being voted out, and also mad at Rupert for making her do all the work at RI. He said it was part of his strategy to conserve energy so he can win challenges.

Well, if the spoilers are correct, that doesn’t do him any good.

We’re going to see the first RI duel of the season tonight, and spoilers say Rupert loses and has to leave. Fourth time is not the charm. Further spoilers — which should always be taken with several grains of salt — say Candice also leaves pre-jury, but Marissa goes pretty far. Good for her! She needs to show up her uncle Gervase, and her old tribe, for putting her in this undeserved position.

If you want to hear more spoiler tidbits, word on the Web street is that Rachel Foulger, Tyson Apostol’s girlfriend, will soon be voted to Redemption Island. She supposedly loses her duel on the same episode that Colton Cumbie quits. Yes, Colton is reportedly going to quit. He left One World thanks to a bacterial infection and this time he supposedly leaves, but it’s not clear why. An early spoiler said he quit after his fiance, Caleb Bankston, was voted out, but a later spoiler suggested Caleb makes the jury. So we’ll just have to see how Colton spins whatever he does.

Do you want to read more spoilers, including the rumored final three? Head here. It’s surprising, but … well … people change, in good ways and bad.

Are you sad to hear about the first real boot of the season? Do you hope the intel is wrong and Rupert doesn't leave, or are you glad to hear he was bested on his fourth try?

Sources: Survivor Sucks, Twitter

09.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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