Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites: Shamar Is Finally Gone!
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Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites: Shamar Is Finally Gone!

UPDATE: It was Shamar! He hurt his eye and the medic suggested he leave the game. Considering he wanted to quit anyway, this was almost a gift for him — however painful or serious it may have been. And now Sherri doesn't have to deliver him rice anymore. (Can you believe she actually went along with that?) Will anyone miss him? Do you think he's watching this back now, embarrassed at his behavior, or will he think he never did anything wrong?

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What’s with all the
Survivor medevacs lately?

On the March 6 episode of Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites, someone has a medical emergency, and we hear a medic say, "I would like to pull you from the game." The official synopsis for tonight's Episode 4, "Kill or Be Killed," reads, "After a medical emergency strikes, one castaway's ability to compete is in danger."

Back in December, Jeff Probst gave some medical teases to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “The weather eases up, but it doesn’t mean the evacuations ease up. It’s a pretty tough season and it starts early. There’s a lot of drama.” So he was already hinting to at least one medevac.

Who will (probably) leave: fan or favorite? On the "fans" side, we’ll guess it’s either the bearded Matt Bischoff or Julia Landauer. (But we really hope it's Shamar Thomas.) As for "favorites" — maybe Brandon Hantz?

We'll find out who and why tonight. Last season, Dana Lambert had to leave the game from illness. (Survivor: Philippines also marked the return of three players who had previously been removed from the game for medical reasons.) The season before that, Colton Cumbie left from illness. This trend must stop!

Sources: CBS, Entertainment Weekly

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