Survivor Caramoan’s Brenda Lowe: I Don’t Want to Talk to Dawn Again
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Survivor Caramoan’s Brenda Lowe: I Don’t Want to Talk to Dawn Again


Ooh. Last night was rough for Brenda Lowe, but today is arguably rougher for Dawn Meehan, who has been destroyed on Twitter after the Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites family visit blindside. Brenda not only dove into the muck for Dawn's teeth, earlier in the season, she chose her for the family visit, then selflessly gave up her own (and Dawn's) family time so the other four castaways could eat and spend time with their loved ones. It was a tough position for Brenda to be in, but her "humble" game and kindness to the ever-crying Dawn came back to bite her when Dawn decided to go with Cochran and Sherri to vote out Brenda.

You could argue that Eddie Fox would've been a smarter and much less controversial boot, since they also need to get rid of him at some point. But whatever. The trio made the cold move to dump Brenda. How does Brenda feel now? She's on the media circuit today and she shared how it felt to be blindsided.

Survivor Caramoan’s Brenda Lowe: I Don’t Want to Talk to Dawn Again
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"Super, super, super upsetting," Brenda told Zap2it. "I told somebody as soon as I got voted off, 'Wow, I feel like I was dumped.' You know when you have that devastating, ready-to-eat-chocolate feeling? I felt like that. I felt like I was rejected by somebody I really cared for. It was really, really, really painful. It wasn't about there goes my shot at a million dollars, it was like I am so hurt right now. That was the feeling."

She said she knew something was wrong leading up to Tribal, but Dawn kept reassuring her. How is her relationship with Dawn now (this season was filmed last June)? "There is no relationship now with Dawn. I would not actively seek out one. If it wasn't for the live finale [which airs this Sunday, May 12], I would not want to talk to her or anything like that. It's not coming from a place of bitterness, it's coming more from having a choice of the people I want in my life and the people that I don't. I have good people that I'd rather be hanging out and talking to than someone like her." She will talk to Dawn for the first time at the live reunion this weekend. Eek.

However, she does not blame Cochran for making the same move. "Cochran is different," Brenda said. "It's just different. I never had that huge emotional bond with Cochran out there. I really didn't feel it was personal. I didn't know about Cochran's cocky confessionals. I didn't know the things he was saying or thinking. Whenever I was around, he seemed pretty docile. Pretty gentle. There was really nothing for me to feel betrayed about. I enjoy talking to Cochran, I enjoy watching him play. Cochran and Dawn are totally different for me."

She also thanked all the fans for supporting her after the vote. "...I feel like people are on my side of the thing, which is this battle of what's right and what's wrong. There's always a fine line of 'This is a game,' but it's also like -- you don't do that to people ... To have people's support, to know that it was OK to be nice to people and they all agree it wasn't the right thing for Dawn to do, that makes me feel good. I'm happy to hear the support I'm getting."

Go Brenda! Listen to her Entertainment Weekly podcast here. If you're interested in spoilers, here's the rumored final three and winner.

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