Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off Tonight?
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Survivor 2013: Who Got Voted Off Tonight?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiered tonight, Sept. 18, on CBS, and the 20 players hit the ground running. This season takes 10 returning favorites and one of their loved ones each (20 people total) fighting it out for the $1 million prize.

Season 27 of the long-running reality competition show was filmed on Palaui Island, Cagayan (that’s in the Philippines), and this time around there is a modified version of Redemption Island to account for.

But don’t get it twisted, each episode someone will be voted off each week, sending them to Redemption Island for a second shot at the show. There’s one thing for sure: this is going to be one epic season of Survivor.

Week 6

After last week's shocking elimination, Laura M. headed to Redemption Island to battle it out with Brad and John to see who would be staying in the game. Laura M. was very proud and confident that she would dominate the competition (she does have a habit of making quick work of puzzles), and she lucked out when it was a challenge with a combination of balance and puzzles. Laura M. came in first while John edged Brad out of the competition. Having come in first, Laura M. gave the clue for the hidden immunity idol to Aras, but he just threw it in the fire.

In a shocking turn of events, Jeff announced that they would be switching things up a little with the contestants drawing for new tribes. Save for one person on each team, the tribes have become all-male and all-female, adding a new level of gameplay. And for some, they reunited with their loved one (we're looking at you, Tina), allowing them to play with blood instead of just with water.

When it came to the immunity challenge, Galang made a huge mistake early on but almost came back at the end. It was a race to finish a puzzle, but the newly-formed Galang couldn't make up for the massive lead they gave Tadhana early on.

At tribal council, it was down to Kat and Vytas, with Kat heading to Redemption Island to face off with Laura M. and John next week.

Week 5

Brad arrives at Redemption Island and confronts the united team of Candice and her hubby John. When the competitors showed up at the competition, Monica offered to take Brad’s place, but he turned her down. Candice then tried to dig into Brad’s reputation again, but we’re not sure if it worked out for her. When it came to the competition, it was the closest challenge we’ve ever had. John came from behind and took home first place and Brad narrowly edged out Candice, meaning the challenge queen was sent packing after surviving for four week — she put up an amazing effort! In a sneaky move, Brad gave Monica a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but she and Brad decided that it would be best to burn it right there in front of everyone. Good move, guys.

The immunity challenge was a ring-tossing challenge. It was neck-and-neck for most of the challenge, but for the first time in the game, Tadhana took home the glory (and the steaks, stupidly turning down fishing equipment). That meant that Galang was finally going to have to attend tribal council and that one of the previous players (or Rupert’s wife, Laura B.) would be heading to Redemption Island tonight. But after some debate, it was definitely between Laura B. and Laura M. In a semi-shocking turn of events, Laura M. was sent packing, meaning Rupert’s wife lives to see another day.

Week 4

When the episode started, we went straight to the Redemption Island competition, which pitted John, Marissa, and Candice against each other. In a positive turn of events, Candice and John both survived, sending Marissa packing. John took home the first place prize while Candice had to battle it out in the puzzle portion of the competition. John was trying to help Candice and Marissa was asking Gervase for help — and he responded the only way he knew possible, telling his niece to cheat off of John’s completed puzzle. Womp. Luckily the married couple got to stay together and survived another week on Redemption Island. John tried to give Monica a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but she and Brad decided that it would be important to burn it right away — you know, because that’s why John got kicked out.

When it came to the immunity challenge, once again it was Tadhana that was defeated, with Galang winning their fourth challenge in a row, proving that the returning players were dominant. Tribal council was a blast. Since John was blindsided by his own alliance, led by Brad, Colton’s boyfriend, Caleb hijacked the meeting in order to convince everyone to vote Brad off. It was one of the biggest moves to-date, if not the biggest, and Brad went off to meet John and Candice, two of his biggest enemies, on Redemption Island.

Week 3

With Candice, Marissa, and Rachel facing off on Redemption Island to see who actually gets sent home, you would think they would be the only heads on the chopping block, but after trying to put his tribe in a frenzy, it was Colton who contemplated leaving the competition. Shockingly, Colton decided to leave the show, proving, yet again, that he hasn't changed at all. Tyson, Rachel's boyfriend, had the chance to trade places with her on Redemption Island, but after having a public discussion, they decided that he had a better shot in the competition than she did, so he passed up on the opportunity. Yet again, Candice finished first in the Redemption Island challenge and Marissa finished second, meaning Rachel went home.

During the sumo-style immunity challenge, Tyson got injured. It wasn't anything serious, but he did pop his shoulder out. It was a close competition, but in the end, Galang won for the third time. This sends the loved ones to their third tribal council. On Tadhana, the alliance of all guys was being put to the test as they contemplated getting rid of John (which does make sense considering how he has two clues to the hidden immunity idol). For the first time it seemed like the girls were safe on Tadhana. In the first blindside of the season, John was sent to Redemption Island, which means he'll be competing against Candice (his wife) and Marissa.

Week 2

When Marissa headed to Redemption Island, she bonded with Rupert and Candice, both of whom were still upset about being voted off before the action started (who could blame them?). At the Redemption Island competition, Gervase was given a chance to save Marissa, to which he responded, “Handle your biz.” In a very, very tight competition, fan favorite Rupert was sent packing. Having come in first, Candice decided to give a clue to a hidden immunity idol — which is arguably a double-edged sword.

On the Galang tribe, Colton came out of the gate stirring up all the drama and putting a huge target on his back. At the immunity/reward challenge, Galang and Tadhana were neck-and-neck for much of the competition, with returning player Gervase edging out Big Brother 12’s Hayden, securing the idol for Galang. The loved ones spread out their votes between John, Rachel, and Ciera, but in the end it was Rachel who was sent packing. She’ll compete against Marissa and Candice next week to see which two get to stay on Redemption Island.

Week 1

Tonight saw Survivor: Blood vs. Water get underway. Candice Woodcock and Rupert Boneham’s wife Lisa were voted off of their respective tribes. Luckily for Lisa there was a twist that allowed significant others to take your place on Redemption Island, and her hubby Rupert took one for the team. His wife then joined the tribe of returning players and Candice’s husband John chose to let his wife head to Redemption.

After a close immunity competition, the returning players squeaked out a win. And when it came down to it, Marissa, Gervase Peterson’s niece, got kicked out of her tribe. She headed to Redemption Island to join Rupert and Candice to fight it out next week. Only 2 will remain on Redemption with the hope of returning to the game. What a crazy first week!

Tune in for Survivor: Blood vs. Water every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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