Susan Sarandon Reveals New Details About Her Daughter’s First Pregnancy!
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Susan Sarandon Reveals New Details About Her Daughter’s First Pregnancy!

It’s been over two months since news broke Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, is expecting a baby girl with husband, Kyle Martino. Not only is this the first child for the couple, but Susan’s going to be a grandmother! The 67-year-old actress is just so thrilled — as all grandmas are — that she’s quick to share any and all details about her daughter’s pregnancy, including where she’s planning to give birth.

Turns out Eva has picked her humble abode over the hospital for her special delivery! “Eva’s going to deliver at home, so it’ll be a very theatrical event,” Susan dished to Closer Weekly. “[The baby’s] not coming until the summer, but we’re ready!”

So are we, Susan. So. are. we. As far as how the 29-year-old mother-to-be is handling the pregnancy so far, Susan says Eva’s just like every other expecting new mom. “When you’re pregnant, it seems surreal until the baby’s there,” Susan adds. “It’s such a sci-fi happening!”

Eva and her husband of two years confirmed the pregnancy to People this past February saying, “We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first child together. Having a family has always been a priority for us both and we couldn't be happier."

Eva even took to Twitter the following month to announce the baby’s gender by saying, “Who run the world? GIRLS! #BabyGirlMartino.” Oh, how we love a nod to Beyoncé. Given Eva’s genes (thanks, Susan!), we’re sure this baby girl is going to be flawless (sorry, we had to!).

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Source: Closer Weekly