Once Upon a Time: SwanFire’s Heartbreaking Journey — in GIFs
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: SwanFire’s Heartbreaking Journey — in GIFs

Once Upon a Time has plenty of amazing characters, and in turn, dozens of incredible pairings. Throughout two seasons, we’ve seen relationships blossom and disintegrate — especially with one miss Emma Swan.

Fans have paired Emma with just about everyone on the show, including Regina Mills (aka Swan Queen), Captain Hook (Captain Swan!), the M.I.A. Mad Hatter, dearly-departed Sheriff Graham, and baby daddy Neal Cassady, among others.

Since y’all are going so wild over our ship bracket, we’ve taken a moment to celebrate some of the most popular ships. After the Neal's possible death in last week’s episode, it seemed only fitting to celebrate their relationship, which has been heartbreaking and complicated from start to finish. However, that’s why we love them, and they wouldn’t be SwanFire without all the drama.

So, without further ado, we present Swan Thief’s journey — and hopefully on Sunday, we’ll be able to add to this post with GIFs of their tearful reunion in Fairytale Land...

From the start, they were fated.

 photo carsteal_zps70b813c3.gif

And Neal
always has Emma’s back. (Well, except that one time, but whatever.)

 photo gotyourback_zps5e992fb0.gif

They've loved each other for so long.

 photo emmaloveyou_zpsf457105d.gif
 photo nealloveyou_zps296d3528.gif

While they didn’t get Tallahassee...

 photo tallahassee_zps99b9d393.gif

They got something better: a son!

 photo henry_zps000e717b.gif

While they regretted being apart...

 photo regret_zps9d466bbd.gif

Moments like this kept their love alive.

 photo hellno_zpsd8cdb04d.gif

They also basically fulfilled their own prophecy.

 photo beachprophecy_zpse44c7d23.gif
 photo beachwalk_zps2542f3c4.gif

And it's never goodbye. They will always find each other.

 photo needyouloveyou_zps424870d9.gif
 photo findyou_zpsa3a61558.gif


 photo swanfirefeels_zpsf1a47dbe.gif

Catch the finale of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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