Dancing With the Stars’ Switch Up Challenge Returning: Are the Pros For It? — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ Switch Up Challenge Returning: Are the Pros For It? — Exclusive

Today, we learned which pros will be taking part in Dancing With the Stars Season 19, and that wasn't the only news. Apparently the Switch Up twist, which caused so much stress and controversy last season, is back. Is that a good thing?

A few weeks ago Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with pros Tony Dovolani and Peta Murgatroyd at their performance of SWAY: A Dance Trilogy, and we happened to ask them if they'd like to see the Switch Up challenge again this year. So, what did they say?

"I would want to do it again only if they don't change partners for the rest of the time," Peta told us. "[Last season] we were all freaking out and thinking we we were going to be stuck with those partners, so we were all so against it, but now we love it."

Like Peta, we're hoping this season will use the same rules as last season, where the switch between partners only lasted for one week, and no one was eliminated that week. It seemed like a good, fun learning experience for a lot of the stars and did result in some fantastic dances.

That said, Tony and his partner, Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes probably had the hardest time of it — the Switch Up seemed to cause some tension between them, which then got blown out of proportion. Tony admitted that, because of his experience last season, he's not the biggest fan of the twist.

"I'm probably gonna vote against that," Tony joked when we asked if he'd like to see the challenge again. "Obviously it threw a wrench in [NeNe's and my] relationship, and people took it and made a lot more of it than it was. We're friends still to this day. She'll text me almost once a week. So, that tells you right there that fight wasn't really that big."

Well, Tony didn't get his wish. Hopefully it will go better for him this year!

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