Dancing With the Stars 2014 “Switch Up” Twist: What Do You Think?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2014 “Switch Up” Twist: What Do You Think?

Every season, Dancing With the Stars fans grumble about the celeb/pro pairings — well, DWTS is throwing it back to us on Season 18. At some point this spring, we'll have to deal with the "new game-changing twist" called "The Switch Up."

As ABC explained it when announcing the new cast, "This season, America will be given the power to vote and change celebrities and professional dance pairings. This new rule will affect all couples as they will be required to switch partners at a point in the season. Never before have dance partnerships been split up during the course of competition."

That's going to be bizarre to see, and it's not clear yet if it's just for one week or what. How will it affect eliminations — whichever pro is re-paired with the eliminated celeb leaves with them? And what about the height differences — can 5'10" NeNe Leakes dance with less-tall Mark Ballas?

There are always so many twists on this show, and this one will probably mess with the celebs's minds the most. The pairs develop a shorthand with each other and it could be semi-traumatic to have to start fresh during the season. At the same time, what happens if the new pair actually works out beautifully — do they get to stay together? The original pro may be intimidated or even hurt by "their" celeb doing well with someone else. These pros get territorial, so this could be fun. Or awful.

What’s your knee-jerk reaction to “The Switch Up” twist? When do you think we might see it in action and do you think it will be a great addition or a total disaster? Sound off in the comments!

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03.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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