Grey’s Anatomy: Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Moments of Season 10
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Moments of Season 10

It’s been about a month since we last got our Grey’s Anatomy fix, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still obsessing over Season 10. We can’t stop thinking about how Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is going to react when she finds out she has a sister she never knew about — or how things will pan out after her huge fight with Derek (Patrick Dempsey).

But our favorite Grey’s couples aren’t always fighting. Nope, a lot of the time, they’re making us wish we had relationships like theirs. And, you know, if we were dating a hot, rich doctor, that would probably work, too… but the romance is definitely as heavy-handed as the drama.

Here are our top 10 most swoon-worthy moments from Season 10:

Derek takes care of Zola and Sofia (Episode 1: “Seal Our Fate”) Is there anything better than Patrick Dempsey and a baby? What about Patrick Dempsey and two babies? That’s exactly what we got to see when Derek corralled the kids to keep them busy while Callie and Arizona fought in the McDreamhouse. Yep, definitely a swoon.

Derek offers to let Meredith shine this year (Episode 6: “Map of You”) Okay, so maybe it didn’t last, but the gesture was still adorable at the time. Meredith obviously wants to leave her mark on medicine, and Derek offered her the means to do it. He’d step back and hang out with the kids, and Mer could conquer the medical world. This is what partnership really is — you know, ‘til your husband takes it back because the president came calling.

Cristina and Owen’s various hookups. All. Season. Long. Because even though their relationship didn’t work out (and, honestly, was never meant to), it doesn’t mean we didn’t love them together.

Ben comes back to Seattle to be with Bailey — and Tuck (Episode 7: “Thriller”) Bailey wasn’t exactly receptive to Ben’s return to Seattle at first, mostly because she wanted him to take his career as a budding surgeon seriously. But eventually, she came around. And how sweet is it that Ben was willing to change up his dream a little bit to be with the woman he loves? Bailey’s deserved a guy like him for a long time.

Callie asks Arizona to come back home (Episode 9: “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”) After a visit from her dad, Callie realizes what’s important in life, and it’s not holding a grudge, even though Arizona’s indiscretion was kind of huge. Nope, she decides to forgive her, and shows up at her hotel room, asking her to come home. Our thoughts when we first saw that moment? “It’s about time.”

Grey’s Anatomy: Top 10 Swoon-Worthy Moments of Season 10
Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC © 2014 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    

Matthew invites Jackson to his wedding to April (Episode 10: “Somebody I Used to Know”) Okay, so this obviously wasn’t Matthew’s brightest move, but our hearts exploded hearing him insist that Jackson come to his wedding to April because of how much it would mean to his bride-to-be. Jackson and Matthew may never have gotten along (and for good reason), but he put his fiance’s happiness before his. Ugh, why couldn’t she have married them both!?

Alex confesses his love to Jo (Episode 12: “Get Up, Stand Up”) In a move that would later be misconstrued as a proposal, Alex let us see a side of him he usually hides away. “We’re the only family we need, right?” Alex says. “And we’ll be together forever, right? You and me. And if we have kids, we’ll be great. I’ll be a great dad, and you’ll be great, and it’ll be just us. We won’t need anybody else.” Swoon.

April and Jackson run away together (Episode 13: “Take it Back”) Because when you interrupt a wedding, you might as well just go ahead and elope, right? No matter how unrealistic the Grey’s universe is, sometimes, it’s unrealistic in our favor, and we love it.

Jackson and April are pregnant (Episode 22: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”) April dropped a major bomb on Jackson during a fight about their differing religious beliefs, but in this scene, Jackson came back with a peace offering: He’d go to church every Sunday with his wife and kid, as long as they stop for waffles on the way home. How adorable is this? Compromise. And the most perfect couple ever.

Callie and Arizona decide to have another baby (Episode 24: “Fear (of the Unknown”) There have been a few bumps in the road since Callie and Arizona first decided to give Sofia a sister, but during the season finale, the reunited couple may be thinking about giving surrogacy a whirl. Fingers crossed! A new Calzona baby would be the perfect way to cement their once again solid relationship, don’t you think?

What was your favorite swoon-worthy moment from Season 10? Hit the comments and tell us!