SYTYCD Season 8: The Best and Worst of the Top 14
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So You Think You Can Dance

SYTYCD Season 8: The Best and Worst of the Top 14

Last night, on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8's Top 14 pirouetted, jetéd, and waltzed their little hearts out. Here's our favorite of the night, followed by the weakest link.

Best: Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly in "To Love You More"

We absolutely adored this gorgeous Mandy Moore piece portraying a couple who's totes in love. The lifts were daring and exciting, and the pair's connection was utterly believable. Here's hoping America doesn't put Caitlynn and Mitchell in the bottom again because they truly knocked it out of the park this week.

Worst: Sasha Mallory and Alexander Fost in "To The Moon"

Nigel nailed it on the nose when he called this number Hip Hop 101. For reals, the steps were far too simple — of course, maybe the blame should fall on the choreographer, Shaun Evaristo, and not the dancers? Regardless, both Sasha and Alexander lacked the swag that could have elevated this routine, which was especially disappointing considering the super strong Nappytabs piece they delivered a few weeks ago. Also, that whole business with Sasha chillin' by the tree with one leg up... why?

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