Guess Who?

Who’s Taller: Kris Jenner or Joan Rivers?

We were pretty impressed by Kris Jenner's ability to not go all grandmama-bear on Joan Rivers after the Fashion Police comedienne called granddaughter North West "ugly" and "in need of a waxing." Rather than throw some jabs back, Kris took the high road and just let us know how adorable Nori is!

“She’s really cute. North is beautiful," Kris said of her grandkid, the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. "She’s got a sweet little spirit, and she’s the perfect child.” Kris may be biased, but we agree!

Any potential for a rivalry seems to have died with both that and Joan clarifying the joke with, "I love Kim, North, and all the Kardashians."

Whether it was just a joke or it went too far, there is one big separation between Kris and Joan — a few inches' worth. Which one of these TV personalities is taller?

Does Joan tower over Kris, or is it the other way around? Click here for the answer!