Tamala Jones on Porsha Stewart Drama: “It Was a Publicity Stunt” (VIDEO)
Tamala Jones on Porsha Stewart Drama: “It Was a Publicity Stunt” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Tamala Jones on Porsha Stewart Drama: “It Was a Publicity Stunt” (VIDEO)


Seems like the Real Housewives of Atlanta women are learning the hard way these days that they can’t pull the same stunts they will on the show with legitimate Hollywood actresses. Earlier this week, we watched Kenya Moore get ripped a new one by Vivica A. Fox for her shenanigans. Now, Porsha Williams is feeling the wrath of Castle’s Tamala Jones.

If you recall, Tamala (who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish on the hit ABC drama) called out Porsha on Twitter a couple months back when the RHoA star reportedly intimated that she was dating the actress’s African boyfriend, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue,.

“I really feel it was a publicity stunt, honestly,” Tamala explains to Madame Noire this week. “But it was the person that she chose to put out there for the publicity stunt and what she was saying about that particular individual. It was the wrong person to choose.”

What bothered Tam the most is not that Porsha was using her man’s name, it was that she made it seem like he was showering her with gifts, namely a Rolls Royce.

“He is from a country that already has a bad reputation in the US about how their money is being spent,” Tamala explains, adding, “You can say you’re dating him if that’s what you want to do for publicity stunt, but don’t lavish the gifts and all that stuff when they already have issues with where the money’s going to in the country.”

But for her part, the star does admit that she could have handled it a little differently (than that strongly worded tweet). “I probably should have worded what I said differently, but I said it to put an end to the nonsense…”

In the interview, the Castle star also takes a moment to throw a little shade in the direction of actresses that turn to reality TV to extend their celebrity (ahem, Kenya Moore).

“For me to do a reality show is like sending myself to actor’s graveyard,” Tamala muses. “I feel like I should wait and create my own projects… do independent movies before I would have to go and do reality shows. Or produce one and come up with one on my own!”

We have to applaud Tam for her honesty in this interview — girl even opens up about her boob job (something she has in common with Porsha, just sayin’). But maybe she shouldn’t bother herself with reality star drama anymore… after all, she is on a major network hit! #Can’tBeBothered

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Source: Madame Noire