Tamar Braxton on Her Baby Logan: He Will “Smack the Hell Out of You”! (VIDEO)
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Tamar Braxton on Her Baby Logan: He Will “Smack the Hell Out of You”! (VIDEO)

From the way things sound, Tamar Braxton’s son, Logan, is turning out to be every bit as sassy as his Grammy-nominated mama. Not only has Tamar proclaimed that her baby boy is looking more like her “twin” everyday, but he’s also got his mother’s flair for smacking… his lips, that is!

In this adorable video Tay-Tay posted to Instagram, we can see and hear Tamar’s little boy make a popping sound — the very same popping sound that Tamar is quite possibly known worldwide for.

Tamar and Logan will SMACK the hell out you,” captioned the video.

That’s just too cute! And just how did little Logan learn how to smack his lips? Though some of us may think he inherited the trait from his mom, Tamar tells fans that she actually taught her boy her infamous sound.

“Yes, I taught my baby how to smack his mouth,” Tamar says in the vid, followed by a smack-off between mommy and son.

Seriously, if 9-month-old Logan can learn to smack his mouth like his mommy, then it’s only a matter of time before he’s belting a note like his mom and famous aunties Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Trina Braxton!

Isn’t Logan Herbert’s lip smacking the cutest thing? Tell us what you think of the mommy and son video in the comments below!

Source: Instagram/YouTube