Tamar Braxton Compares Trina Braxton’s Marriage to an STD?! (VIDEO)
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Tamar Braxton Compares Trina Braxton’s Marriage to an STD?! (VIDEO)

For some time now we’ve been fairly perplexed by the actual nature of Braxton Family Values star Trina Braxton’s marriage to husband Gabe Solis. These two have seen their fair share of ups and downs, and after a televised vow renewal, Trina filed for separation after 10 years of marriage, even though the couple seemed to have made amends. But while Trina may have been pretty coy about her relationship during her chat with Wendy Williams, it appears there’s a lot more to their story — and sister Tamar Braxton’s definitely got her comments on it.

In a new clip of the upcoming Season 4 of Braxton Family Values, Trina and hubby Gabe are pretty cozy — kissing even — and Tamar is pretty confused by it all. The “Love & War” singer seems to be OK with it, but likens her sister’s marriage to an STD. Yes, an STD.

As you can see, Trina and Gabe are officially back together, to the surprise of Tamar who goes on to cheer the couple for working out their issues because their love is worth it. However, it doesn’t keep Tay-Tay from describing Trina and Gabe’s marriage like having herpes.

“Trina and Gabe are like herpes,” Tamar says. “They pop up, disappear… but no matter what, it’s always in your bloodstream.”

Oh, Tamar.

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