Tamar Braxton Debuts Video For \
Tamar Braxton Debuts Video For “Hot Sugar” — Love It or Leave It? (VIDEO)
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Tamar Braxton Debuts Video For “Hot Sugar” — Love It or Leave It? (VIDEO)


Reality star and R&B singer Tamar Braxton finally debuted the long-awaited video for her highly anticipated single, “Hot Sugar,” and like many Tamartians, we were glued to YouTube taking it all in.

We were immediately intrigued by the ingenious approach of the video, which looks like photos opened in an Instagram app. We got to see several different shots, some of which included Tamar showing off her fab post-baby body, as well as her limber male dancers. However, while we loved the song, the video (which fondly reminded us of King Bey’s “Upgrade U”) had quite a few flaws.

For one, while we loved the different shots of Tamar, we were not pleased with the transitions. The frames between each shot were too small to make out what was going on. And when the brutally long fade outs were added, we felt like we were missing tons of action.

We also had a problem with the fact that we barely got to see Tay-Tay “drop it like it’s hot.” It seemed to us that her background dancers got more screentime to show off their moves (albeit with tons of attitude than we’ll ever have).

The highlight of the vid for us was Tamar rocking a ‘40 inch ponytail, but aside from that, the video seemed more like a first draft than a final copy, and turns out that exactly what it is!

Tamar let it be known that the directors of her video, photograph team Gomillion and Leupold, allegedly abandoned the project to take photos of Rihanna during her worldwide Diamonds tour, including her now-infamous Mosque photoshoot. Tay-Tay is equally displeased with the finished product of her music video and took to Instagram to let them have it.

Hopefully Tamar can contract more committed directors to re-shoot the vid, but until then, we’ll have to make do.

What do you think of Tamar’s “Hot Sugar” music video? Watch it below and sound off in the comments!

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