Tamar Braxton Works For NeNe Leakes in \
Tamar Braxton’s “If I Don’t Have You” Video Still


Tamar Braxton Works For NeNe Leakes in “If I Don’t Have You” Video


After a great teaser, Tamar Braxton has finally dropped the full music video for her newest single, “If I Don’t Have You” and if the song doesn’t make you sway, NeNe Leakes’ acting is sure to make you laugh.

With a jazzy, art deco, 1920’s feel, the video starts out with Tamar her harem of harlots — which includes Malika and Khadijah Haqq, and Shateria Moragne-el — lounging in a boudoir when Madame NeNe walks in demanding that her “bitches” get on their backs and make her money. All the ladies have a response to NeNe’s demands, especially Tamar, who NeNe singles out. After making NeNe’s dramatic (and super campy) exit, the music starts and Tamar sings her face off.

Tay Tay switches up her style numerous times in the video, but mostly dons sexy lingerie, body hugging dresses, and fabulous hair. Tamar shows off her killer bod (which may be the result of her 30-day workout challenge) and it’s almost as though this gal never had a baby two years ago!


Mama Evelyn Braxton gets a cameo in the video as one of the many guests at the brothel enjoying the night and by the end of the video, Tamar is once again left alone to lament on what life would be like if she didn’t have the love of her life in her life.


Looking good, Tamar!


Tamar’s newest album, Calling All Lovers, is set to release this summer.


Source: YouTube