Tamar Braxton Talks Near-Collapse in Vegas — What Went Wrong? (PHOTO)
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Tamar Braxton Talks Near-Collapse in Vegas — What Went Wrong? (PHOTO)

Things got a little scary for reality star and Grammy-nominated artist Tamar Braxton during her June 20 show on her Love & War tour. After only 15 minutes on stage, the songbird nearly collapsed and had to exit with hubby Vincent Herbert helping her along. Though Tay-Tay was able to gather herself and finish her set, she recently opened up about the incident with Hello Beautiful explaining what really caused her to nearly pass out.

“It had nothing to do with the workload. It had everything to do with the smoke. I can’t even go to hookah bars with my friends. The House Of Blues had their smoke machine on, all day long. By the time I got to my 8-count honey, it was in my lungs and I was done,” Tamar explained. The Maryland native went on to thank her fans, aka Tamartians, for sticking with her.

“When that happened in Vegas, I was humbled because not one person left. They wanted to be there. For me, I don’t take anything for granted. I have more love and admiration for my Tamartian friends. They’re here for me. I’ve never had real friends before, so that’s why I call them Tamartian friends,” she said with a laugh.

Tamar made sure to thank her fans for their support after the incident with a very lengthy Instagram post featuring a photo of her hubby holding her nearly passed out body on stage:

I really felt like last night was #lightsout for me!! I felt sooo bad I was shaking. I honestly couldn't remember a lyric (which is nothing new) a dance step (everynight) but...I never lost my MYSELF where my body took over my mind and left me helpless. I wanted to stay but I couldn't. I wanted to drink water and catch my breath but I couldn't. I, Tamar, for the first time who has always been able to figure it out and work through ANYTHING simply couldn't do ANYTHING but gasp for air and ask for help!! I was powerless and heartbroken … I tried to get up and go back 3 times but I couldn't move, talk, sing & worse, breathe. Not until I heard how after all that time past that you ALL was waiting for me no one left!” Tamar captioned a photo of her tired body in the hands of her husband, adding that when she returned to the stage feeling defeated with no voice, her fans saw her through and “even sang every song until I could do it by myself!”

We can only hope Tay-Tay stays away from the smoky bars from now on. This gal’s got an album, a daytime talk show, and two reality shows in the works, as well as an adorable son to take care. If you asks us, she needs every ounce of clean air she can get!

What do you think about Tamar’s admiration for her fans after her near-collapse on stage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Sources: Hello Beautiful, Tamar Braxton on Instagram

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