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Tamar Braxton Storms Out of Sisters’ Therapy Session, Threatens to Quit (VIDEO)

If you thought last week’s Braxton Family Values Season 4 premiere was crazy, then you need to buckle up — because it’s only getting crazier.

In the extended clip above, Tamar Braxton and her sisters Trina, Traci, Towanda, and Toni Braxton are inside a vehicle when Dr. Sherry, their family therapist, tries to piece together a physical altercation Traci had with Tamar’s assistant. As Toni tries to give an account of what happened from her perspective, Tamar jumps in to explain what really happened. When Traci calls Tamar a liar, Tamar hops out of the vehicle, opting to abandon the therapy session with her siblings.

As Toni and the rest of her sisters try to call Tamar back, Dr. Sherry makes a play to have a one-on-one session with Tamar. The singer becomes so overwhelmed with emotions, that she holds back a scream after threatening to quit the show.

So just what happened between Tamar, Traci, and Tamar’s assistant? Click the video above to hear what started it all!

A new episode of Braxton Family Values Season 4 airs Thursday, August 21 at 9 p.m. ET on WE TV.

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