Tamar Braxton Thinks Towanda Braxton’s Rumored Boyfriend Kordell Stewart Is “Not a Catch” (VIDEO)
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Tamar Braxton Thinks Towanda Braxton’s Rumored Boyfriend Kordell Stewart Is “Not a Catch” (VIDEO)

Braxton Family Values star Towanda Braxton has been keeping exceptionally mum on her rumored relationship with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams’s newly ex-hubby, Kordell Stewart. However, Towanda’s sister, Tamar Braxton, definitely gave her opinion about the rumored relationship when the sisters visited the Bethenny couch this past Monday.

When host Bethenny Frankel asked Towanda about her supposed romance with the former NFL player, Towanda brushed off the question (as per usual) and responded with “He’s a nice guy.” That’s when Tay-Tay jumped in giving everyone her own opinion about Kordell:

“I mean, I wouldn’t consider him a catch,” Tamar gabbed to Bethenny, adding, “No shade, no shade, no shade… This is going based upon what we saw on the show. You know, [Porsha] couldn’t go nowhere, she couldn’t do nothing, you know? It’s not cute.”

Well, while Tamar may have said her piece, Towanda — who at this point still hasn’t confirmed if she is in fact dating Kordell — came to his defense, stating “I don’t know actually happened in their marriage, so that was just a one-sided situation. He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show. So she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know, I don’t care, he’s a really nice guy to me, and he’s a great dad.”

Of course, sisters Tamar and Trina Braxton were intrigued by the way Towanda spoke about Kordell.

“She knows a lot about this dude though,” Tamar remarked, with Trina adding, “it sounds like it!”

When Tamar was asked about her thoughts on the rumor that Kordell was gay, in perfect Tamar fashion, she responded “I heard that but… I don’t like to… give them a crown, meaning I won’t call nobody no queen if I don’t know. I don’t know that.”

You can always count on Tamar to give her two cents. We can only hope that she'll have completed her time at “shade anonymous” when her daytime talk show, The Real, comes back to Fox this fall.

Do you agree with Tamar Braxton that Kordell Stewart isn’t a “catch”? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below!

Source: Bethenny via YouTube