Tamera Mowry Explains Why She Broke Down Over Comments About Her Marriage (VIDEO)

This past January, Sister Sister alum Tamera Mowry-Housley became visibly emotional as she recounted the racist comments she’s received about her marriage to caucasian newscaster Adam Housley. Recently, Tamera explained that the tearful display had been a result of holding in her feelings about the ordeal for too long.

“You know when you hold something in for so long and then all of a sudden, it just comes out? I think — not I think, I know that’s what happened because I didn’t plan that at all,” Tamera dished to HipHollywood.

In a positive twist, however, it appears that by Tamera finally getting her feelings of what once “devastated” her off of her chest, she and her husband Adam learned that there were more people who loved and supported her.

“The thing is we received so much more love and so much encouragement and support now, I don’t even want to give those people anymore energy,” she confessed. “I’m so blessed, and I am so grateful. And we’re choosing to focus on that, and they can talk about that all they want because we receive so much more love more than anything.”

It’s great to see that Tamera and Adam have decided to move past the vicious nay sayers and are soaking up all the positive loving energy coming their way!