Tamera Mowry’s Natural Hair Tips — “I Have Been Absolutely in Love,” She Says
Credit: Tamera Mowry-Housley on Instagram    


Tamera Mowry’s Natural Hair Tips — “I Have Been Absolutely in Love,” She Says

When we’re not totally aww-ing out over Tamera Mowry-Housley’s photos of her son, Aden, you can find us raving about her hair. The Sister, Sister actress cut her locks short awhile back in an effort to give her natural hair a shot. The result? She’s in love!

I have been absolutely in LOVE with my natural hair since I cut it short,” she writes in her July 7 blog post. “When I took the plunge it felt liberating… and necessary if I wanted to get rid of all the damaged, chemically-treated hair on my head. And like many others, I’m happy to say goodbye to burnt straight hair and hello to thick healthy curls! It’s the perfect way to embrace the real me.”

Now Tamera wants to help other women make the switch. She’s brainstormed five things everyone should know before going natural. Read on if you want to learn more!

First, Tamera clarifies that natural doesn’t always mean easier. “The longer your curls get, the more care they will need,” she writes. Seeing the kind of curls little Aden’s working with, we can only imagine what T’s got going on!

She adds that your hair might have changed from the last time you let it be its bad self. “You may be surprised how the texture of your hair has changed,” she explains of going natural after years of the exact opposite. Embrace the change though! It’ll be worth it, Mama T tells us.

For the rest of Tamera’s handy tips, check out her blog. Tell us what you think (and if you have any tips of your own) by heading to the comments below.

Source: TameraMowry.com