Tamera Mowry: Attacks on My Interracial Marriage “Devastated” Me (VIDEO)
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Tamera Mowry: Attacks on My Interracial Marriage “Devastated” Me (VIDEO)

Back in January, an emotional Tamera Mowry-Housley her eyes welling up with tears described to Oprah some of the vicious verbal attacks she’s received as a result of her interracial marriage. Tamera identifies as biracial, while her husband, Adam Housley, is white, and the former Sister, Sister star says she’s been called a “white man’s whore” and “less of a black woman,” because of her marriage.

On February 21, the actress, 35, opened up on Bethenny about how she’s been responding to the criticism. “I was hurt that some people still felt that way, she said. “I was devastated. Hurt.”

Tamera echoed her husband Adam’s response to the criticism, saying she was surprised that in today’s modern times, something like this was even an issue at all. “My parents had experienced it way back in the day, and I was hurt because we, as a community, have come so far, and we fight against it all the time.”

Most of the racist comments aren’t said to her face. Instead, Tamera finds the most brutal and bold criticism comes at her on Twitter.

“I think maybe because social media is what is is right now. I have a Twitter account and people feel like they can just come to it and say whatever, but I have learned to love my ‘block’ button,” she says.

But the actress isn’t choosing to fight back against those who hurl insults her way. Instead, she says her approach has been to “pray and look at the positive.” She and Adam are trying not to dwell on all the hate. “We have more people loving us than hating on us,” she says, “and we’re choosing to focus on that now.”

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02.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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