Tammin Sursok’s Pregnancy Problems: Cute and Silly Twitter Updates

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Tammin Sursok’s Pregnancy Problems: Cute and Silly Twitter Updates

Tammin Sursok (Jenna) has been one busy mother-to-be! The Pretty Little Liars star has kept fans apprised of her pregnancy — secret’s out: She’s having a girl! — via frequent Twitter updates. What #pregnancyproblems has Tammin tweeted about in the past week?

Pregnancy Problem #1: Beating the Heat

Tammin may be from the Land Down Under, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get overheated, too! The Aussie actress tweeted last Thursday about her attempts to beat the heat: “Today I put my head in the freezer and I was still hot.” Poor Tammin!

Pregnancy Problem #2: Forgotten Feet

It sounds like Tammin won’t be admiring her pedicure anytime soon. She tweeted that she “can’t see [her] feet” on Friday. Tammin’s baby bump must have grown since the actress took a stroll in her black bikini either that, or she has seriously short feet

Pregnancy Problem #3: Tub-erobics

Last week, Tammin was taking hikes through canyons at eight months pregnant, but this week, she’s finding exercise in more mundane ways: “Never new my most challenging exercise of the day would be getting in and out of the bath tub,” Tammin tweeted Saturday.

Pregnancy Problem #4: Ice Cream Creativity

“Is jalapeño ice cream even a flavor?” Tammin tweeted Sunday. Apparently, the PLLer is having trouble satisfying some of her more...unusual cravings. No word yet on whether she solved this particular pregnancy problem, but for the record, Tammin  we’d give jalapeno ice cream a try.

Pregnancy Problem #5: Sugar vs. Kale

Tammin has had a serious sweet tooth since she became pregnant. Earlier this month, she even had cupcakes for lunch! It seems like the craving for sugar is still strong. Tammin tweeted this “pregnancy problem on Sunday:  “Ok. Sugar cannot be the ONLY food on the menu. I gotta go and eat kale or something,” Sugar and kale...there are worse ways to live.

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale airs tonight, Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

08.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Kayti Burt
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