Tamra Barney Can’t Understand Why Gretchen Lied To Her
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Tamra Barney Can’t Understand Why Gretchen Lied To Her

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is hurt that Gretchen Rossi seemingly lied to her about turning down a role on Malibu Country to attend her dress-shopping trip.

"Gretchen lied to me!" Tamra writes in her Bravo blog. "She called it Big Country  she didn't even have the correct name."

Tamra explains that Gretchen told her she "would be filming on Friday but decided to give it up just to be with me," and that Heather Dubrow apparently learned that it was "only a casting call that many reality stars were called for."

Tamra was bothered not only that Gretchen lied but also that she kept trying to get credit for her supposed sacrifice.

Tamra Barney Can’t Understand Why Gretchen Lied To Her
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"Honestly, it breaks my heart that she would lie to me after I had just opened up to her," Tamra writes. "But what hurt me even worse is her text to me two days after dress shopping. Basically, she texted me to tell me what a great friend she was to give up her first role on a sitcom to spend that important day with me."

Also, Tamra doesn't get why Gretchen wore her old engagement ring to go dress shopping. "I have not seen her wear that ring in four years, and she choose to wear it on the day I was looking at wedding dresses?" she asks. "Come on!"

And Tamra doesn't understand what Lauri Peterson's goal was in telling Vicki Gunvalson about Brooks Ayers's alleged dalliances. "After watching the episode, I am still trying to wrap my brain around Lauri's comments about Brooks and the young, questionable girl," Tamra writes. "Was she being a friend or trying to hurt Vicki? It was like Lauri was talking in circles."

By the way, we must say that "the young, questionable girl" is now our favorite way to refer to a porn star.

Source: Tamra's Bravo blog