Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge Set a Wedding on Real Housewives of OC
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Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge Set a Wedding on Real Housewives of OC

All season long, Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney has been prepping for her wedding to Eddie Judge — without having a wedding date. In Season 8, Episode 16, Tamra continued to hint that it was time to figure things out while they were having a romantic dinner.

Immediately flustered, Eddie said the wedding was the last thing on his mind. “Stop asking me when we’re gonna get married. I don’t need the pressure,” he told her.

This upset Tamra, who didn’t like Eddie using the word “pressure.” She told him, “I’m secure enough with myself and everything I’ve gone through in my life; I don’t need to pressure a many into getting married.” Then she said that she wouldn’t do any planning until they set a date.

“Do you really want to get married?” Tamra asked. Eddie assured her that he does; in fact, he wants the day to be special. “You hire a planner and make sure it happens,” he says.  

Scrolling through her calendar, Tamra throws out a date: “How about June 22?”

“Right in the middle of summer. Perfect,” says Eddied. It’s actually the second day of summer, but close enough.

They actually ended up tying the knot on June 15, but at least it helped get Eddie motivated to marry Tamra for real!