Tamra Barney: Vicki Fight Has “Taken Its Toll,” Terry Is “Annoying”
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Tamra Barney: Vicki Fight Has “Taken Its Toll,” Terry Is “Annoying”

After Tamra Barney called Vicki Gunvalson a "bitch" (yikes!) on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County, it seemed that their Wines By Wives business would be doomed. Not so, says Tamra.

"You may [have] seen some drama between Vicki and I [this week], but partners disagree at times, and it's the ones that have the ability to work on it that build successful companies," Tamra writes in her Bravo blog.

"Our fight last year has really taken a toll on both of us, and it became very hard to work with each other," Tamra continues. "Vicki is a hard worker, and I could not understand why she wasn't taking a interest in WBW? As the season goes on, you will see why." Ah, the suspense!

Tamra says she and Vicki are trying to put that ugliness behind them.

"My friendship with Vicki has been strained for the past year," she says. "I love her like a sister, and things do get better." Good to hear!

As for Heather Dubrow and Terry's drama, Tamra wishes them the best.

"They love each other so much, and it makes me sad to see them fight," she says. "Terry is quite the jokester, and I'm sure it gets annoying at times. I know first hand that 'the d word' is never a good thing to throw around."

Tamra goes on in her blog about how much she loves fiance Eddie Judge, but that doesn't mean there isn't friction from time to time.

"He loves cycling, and I knew that when I met him," Tamra writes. "Does it get annoying at times... Yes! But even though I get annoyed, I would never ask him to slow down."

And if riding his bike does indeed make him more excited to see Tamra (if you get our drift), who would complain about that?

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