Tamra Barney Explains the Negative Comments She Said About Brooks
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Barney Explains the Negative Comments She Said About Brooks

The Real Housewives of Orange County has a lot of controversial characters throughout its nine seasons on TV, but none are more polarizing than Vicki Gunvalson’s on-again, off-again flame, Brooks Ayers. Well, Brooks has once again sparked an argument between two of the housewives, Vicki and her bestie Tamra Barney. Say it ain’t so!

In her Bravo TV blog, Vicki tore into co-star Tamra Judge, stating, “I'm very upset with how Tamra talked crap on Brooks to Lizzie when to his face she says something different. I don't know why she continues to say one thing to other people, and then something else to him and I.”

Now, Tamra has spoken out to defend herself against this attack. “I had not seen or heard from Brooks in a year,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “The last I had seen him was at the reunion when Briana dropped that bombshell info. As her FRIEND was I suppose to be happy that she is dating him after what I just heard? So, saying I didn't think he was a good guy to Lizzy WAS NOT ME being two faced! Since then I have seen him and we are on better terms, but at the time we were NOT! I just don't know why Vicki has to twist the truth?”

In this light, it’s hard not to take Tamra’s side — especially since those scenes were filmed months ago and she has even recently explained why she is giving Brooks a second chance! We can only hope these feuding frenemies find something a little more worthy to fight over. Sisters before misters, ladies!

Do you think Tamra is being two-faced? Is Vicki overreacting? Let us know what you think in the comments!