Tamra Barney’s “Gay of Honor” Ricky Reveals Secrets About Her Wedding!
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Tamra Barney’s “Gay of Honor” Ricky Reveals Secrets About Her Wedding!

Tamra Barney's bestie Ricky Santana has been featured in episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County over the years, so we weren't too surprised when he was chosen as her "man of honor." Now, he's spilling on what really happened behind-the-scenes at Tamra and Eddie's wedding!

Ricky admits that he wasn't expecting to be the man of honor. "I'd hoped she would ask me to be in her wedding in some way, but 'Man of Honor/Gay of Honor' was such a honor, it all seemed so surreal," Ricky tells iRealHousewives. "I felt like the reality that she was actually getting married hit me when I saw her walk down the aisle that’s when I finally lost it, and the tears came down."

We saw a lot of drama take place between Tamra's family at their get-together during this week's episode of Tamra's OC Wedding. So will her family be on their best behavior at the actual ceremony? "Her entire family all were so happy [for Tamra at the wedding] after a rough past few years," Ricky says. Phew!

And how did Ricky feel about how the ceremony turned out? "The wedding was over the top but tastefully done," he says. "It was sincere and had so many little things that were out of the ordinary, but that’s how they are and it fit them well. It reflected them perfectly!!!"

Ricky does admit to being nervous about giving his speech at the reception, especially when he realized that he had lost the paper that he'd written the speech on. "I had one all written up, and I lost it at the hotel getting ready the day of the wedding, so Heather and Vicki just told me to go with my heart, and it will all be fine," Ricky reveals. "So I did that, and the minute I got up to speak, all the nerves vanished, and I think it went pretty well."

Sounds like the day really was quite special for everyone involved. We can't wait to see the final product when Tamra's OC Wedding concludes next week!

Source: iRealHousewives