Tamra Barney\'s Son Ryan Vieth Slams His Father: He\'s \
Tamra Barney’s Son Ryan Vieth Slams His Father: He’s “Disgusting”!
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Tamra Barney’s Son Ryan Vieth Slams His Father: He’s “Disgusting”!


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and first husband Darren Vieth have been at war lately and now their son Ryan Vieth is weighing in.

Ryan is on Team Tamra as he reveals that he is not close to his father and even accuses his father of spreading lies.

"I do not speak to my father, Darren, for many reasons funny how he suddenly wants to look like a good father, "Ryan says. "Simon [Barney] was more of a father figure than my dad ever was to me."

Tamra Barney’s Son Ryan Vieth Slams His Father: He’s “Disgusting”!
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Darren — who says he plans to sue Tamra for claiming he cheated on her with a man — has accused Tamra of being a "bad mother" and leaving Ryan on Darren's porch to care for him. However, Ryan says Darren's claims about custody aren't true.

"My mom never gave me up as a child, only asked for my dad to step it up and help out when she was going through a difficult time," Ryan explains. "My mom has always been in my life even when she was struggling. It's disgusting that he is trying to go after my mom by spreading lies. Everyone wants [their] 15 minutes of fame!"

"I feel sorry for him and hope that one day he will have peace in his life," Ryan adds about his dad. "I'm trying to keep my life positive and want nothing to do with him. Bottom line, I know who's in my life, and its not him."

Wow. These are strong words, and while it's nice that Tamra and Ryan are so close, we hope that one day Ryan will patch things up with his dad. In the meantime, Tamra appears on Watch What Happens Live tonight, and it's safe to say she'll address this drama!

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