Tamra Barney: Vicki Got Facial Surgery Because of Slade’s Comments
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Tamra Barney: Vicki Got Facial Surgery Because of Slade’s Comments

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney likes Vicki Gunvalson's new face, even though she is convinced that Vicki got the work done as a response to Slade Smiley joking about her appearance on the radio.

"I thought Vicki's old face was fine I think she looks great," Tamra says on Watch What Happens Live.

Tamra says she wasn't so sure how she felt about Vicki's new look at first. "At the very beginning of the season, she had just had it done, so she was very swollen and big and...," Tamra says before trailing off. "I think she looks great now, and if it makes her happy, I'm happy for her."

Then, host Andy Cohen asks whether Tamra thinks Vicki got the surgery as a result of Slade's "Miss Piggy" jokes, and Tamra says she does think so.

"I think that Vicki is very sensitive, and I think that Slade saying to her really made her [want to change her look]," she says.

However, Vicki herself would apparently disagree, as she said earlier this year that Slade's comments weren't the reason for her procedure.

"You know what, if I did say [Slade's comments were the impetus], Gretchen is going to kill me, so the answer is no, I didn’t do it because of Slade,” Vicki said back in April. “At the end of the day, it hurt my feelings. It wasn't just Slade, there was a lot of people saying, ‘oh my nose is turned up, I look like miss piggy,’ and it made me self-conscious."

So it sounds like Vicki and Tamra will have one more topic to disagree about although they can at least both agree that Vicki looks great.

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