Tamra Barney Reveals Why Gretchen Wasn’t a Bridesmaid at Her Wedding
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Tamra Barney Reveals Why Gretchen Wasn’t a Bridesmaid at Her Wedding

We can't say we were exactly surprised that Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi wasn't a bridesmaid at Tamra Barney's wedding this June. But now Tamra is finally explaining why Gretchen didn't make the cut.

Two of Tamra's Real Housewives co-stars Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow were bridesmaids for Tamra's wedding, but Gretchen was not so lucky. "We started in a bad place and then tried to put the past behind us, but she isolated herself," Tamra tells TV Guide on why she didn't feel like including Gretchen in the wedding party.

Also, it sounds like Tamra wasn't pleased to be excluded from a pivotal romantic moment in Gretchen's life. "She didn’t invite any of us when she proposed to Slade [Smiley], so why would I put her in my wedding?," Tamra asks. "She had no answers and tried to sugarcoat everything."

Things seemed quite rosy between Tamra and Gretchen at the start of this season. But given all the tension that we see between them during this year's reunion episodes, it's clear that Tamra and Gretchen aren't feeling particularly close to one another.

It's also interesting that Tamra says Gretchen has "isolated herself." Has Gretchen not been reaching out to Tamra enough since filming for the season ended?

Meanwhile, Heather has revealed that she was not expecting at all to be chosen as a bridesmaid for Tamra's wedding. "I was completely floored, shocked, very honored," Heather says. "I thought it was so sweet.”

We can't wait to see all the juicy details of Tamra's wedding when her three-part wedding special starts airing on Bravo on September 2!

Source: TV Guide via Enstars